Advanced Matt PLA Black

Advanced Matt PLA Black 250g is a deeply matte black filament. Recommended for prints of details in which the high aesthetics of the surface is a key. Extremely easy to print with improved durability compared to the standard PLA.

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Advanced Matt PLA Black 250g – The new material, made by Print-Me based on PLA. It is an excellent choice for everyone who expects a perfect surface of the print. Advanced Matt has a significantly reduced visibility of the layers in comparison with the traditional PLA, that is why it gives the printed parts an elegance. Deep matt surface will give your prints a lot of grandeur.
This is a professional filament dedicated to various types of models. Filament made of the specially wrought material, exceeding by it’s matt effect all of the “matte” materials available on the market.
Advanced Matt PLA has increased resistance to tearing and bending in relation to ordinary PLA. It’s additional advantage is simplicity of printing. Always prints very easily, like any good quality PLA materials. No shrinkage and curl provides excellent dimensional stability of models and adhesion to the substrate. Advanced Matt PLA guarantees always excellent prints with increased mechanical resistance. Material is ideal for everyone, regardless of the level of experience.


In the meantime … read the basic settings and enjoy the fantastic printouts!


Printing temperature: : 180-210 [°C] Bad temperature: 45-60 [°C]
Cooling: 60-100 [%] Flow: 100[%]
Retraction: ± 5 [mm] Nozle diameter: ≥ 0.1 [mm]



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Filament Advanced Matt PLA


Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 21 × 21 × 8 cm
Waga materiału







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