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This is another type one of the most popular material used in 3D printing. As opposed to the other PLA variants offered by Print-ME like: EcoLine, SmartFit and HIS – SATIN MATT PLA has the great advantage which is an incredibly matt surface. The unique matt surface effect makes that the lines between the layers are much less visible. It makes that the surface of printed part is optically much more smoother. Low gloss, good mechanical properties and ease of the print makes this material ideal for beginners and professionals with high expectations. It is intended especially for model prints, architectural mockups, decorative elements, hobby prints and all applications where the high aesthetics of the surface of the printed part is require.

Carbon Fiber PET-G

Highly durable PET-G reinforced with approx. 15% carbon fiber, perfect for the applications where strength and excellent adhesion between layers are a key criterion. Twice the increased tensile strength compared to ordinary PET-G will make your prints even more durable. The unique surface after printing will give your prints originality and even an experienced printer will not know that the detail was printed in FDM technology!

HardTech Stone

HardTech from Print-Me is a specially designed construction material dedicated for FDM technology printing. It may easily replace materilas such as e.g. PC. It combines perfect resistance parameters and elasticity. It is characterized by high thermal resistance, resilience and chemical resistance. Most of all it has very low shrinkage factor. Hard Tech guarantees perfect printing quality and is free of hazardous substances, styrene and  bysphenol-A. It is enviromentally friendly and human friendly.

SmartFit PLA

SmartFit PLA filament for 3D printing has been developed to meet the expectations of the most demanding users of FDM technology. We have made every effort to ensure that the filament produced by us is characterized by repeatability of prints and excellent quality. Only original, certified raw materials are used to produce the filament, and qualified engineering staff ensures the quality of products and production. Filaments from the SmartFit series are characterized by unique properties such as a series of filaments glowing in the dark, changing the color under the influence of temperature or a starry Aurora series. In addition, SmartFit filaments have a reduced effect of the so-called threading, they are less fragile and even simpler to print.

Ampere PLA

The Ampere PLA material is a PLA-based filament that exhibits semiconductor features due to the high content of CNTs. Ampere PLA is a material that is very easy to print and does not require any special conditions. Thanks to Ampere PLA your prints will be electrically conductive! Ampere PLA is very easy to print: it does not shrink or curl, it flows perfectly. Ampere PLA offers very high aesthetics thanks to a slightly matt finish. Get to know the technical data and printing guidelines of our conductive PLA.

Carbon PC

Carbon PC – polycarbonate is one of the most resistant materials used in 3D printing. The polycarbonate from PrintMe is an exceptionally resilient material, resistant to high temperatures even up to  135⁰C with  0,45 burden. Thanks to graphite crystals added Carbon PC shows powerful antistatic properties, which broadens its technical application.


Printme Flex also known as RUBBER is an elastomer characterized by high simplicity of the print, which offers multiple possibilities even to beginners. PrintMe Flex is a hybrid material that combines the propoerties of rubber and other thermoplastic materials such as PLA or ABS.Our elastomer guarantees resilience and elasticity. The printed details may show up to  20D or  40D hardness in Shore scale. Exquisite prints achieved across all temperature range of  220 – 240˚C will make your printing experience a sheer pleasure. Furthermore we guarantee resistance to chemicals and UV radiation. In order to achieve even better quality of prints we recommend printing with additional cooling option.


Nylon PA12

Polyamid PA12 – NYLON -is a construcion material perfect to use in: automotive, electrical, electronical and sport industries. NYLON from Print ME is characterized by perfect layer bonding and shrinkage factor below 1.5%. It is a perfect material to produce industrial details such as bushes, bearings, screws, toothed wheels because it is characterized by high resistance to  attrition and resilience. It has insulation properties and chemical resistance to grease and oils. Moreover, it has the lowest water absorption of all available polyamids.

Working temperature for ready elements may reach from 130-150 ˚C. Printed-out thin-layered elements show elastic properties. It is a prerequisite to use a heated table (to the temperature of 120˚C ) and closed chamber as well as effectively ventilate the room due to the emission of the harmful caprolactam during the extrusion. The polyamid is available in Natural – Ivory colour. The recommended printing temperature is 230-280˚C.

SmartFit PLA – Natural Fibers

Material SmartFit PLA WOOD – CORK – BAMBOO is a filament filled with about 40% fiber and wood powder, a stopper and bamboo. SmartFit PLA Natural Fibers is a material that is very easy to print and does not require any special conditions. Finished printouts can be subjected to post-processing: fine grinding with sandpaper, varnishing or painting. SmartFit Natural Fibers in all varieties with appearance, structure and smell resembles real wood! Large filling with natural fiber particles gives a spectacular effect on the printed detail

wzm opearacyjny


HIS PLA (High Impact Strength) – Guarantees  more effective heat resistance and high resilience of the printed elements. HIS PLA shows thermal and mechanical properties that are similar to ABS, and at the same time it offers an alternative to styrene-based materials. It does not emit odour substances, does not require a closed chamber and its shrinkage is lower than in ABS, but still its properties are equal to ABS. It gains its extraordinary resistance properties upon heating in teh temperature of 110-120oC depending on the wall thickness (3mm – about 20minutes).

Smooth ASA

Smooth ASA is a professional FDM print material. Filament Smooth ASA (acrylonitrile-styrene-acrylate) is a material with high thermal stability, characterized by no distortion, curl and excellent adhesion between the layers. 3D printed details from Smooth ASA are extremely precise visually reminiscent of gush elements. Smooth ASA provides excellent color stability thanks to stabilization to UV radiation. An additional advantage of Smooth ASA is thermal resistance, which, combined with high durability, makes Smooth ASA an ideal material for technical applications, especially for printing components exposed to weather conditions or automotive parts

FSM 900 and Smooth ABS

FSM 900

FSM 900 – Fast Soluble Material – is a filament used as a support material for printing complex details. Filament intended for use in dual-head printers as a soluble support, or for printing a specific detail. Dissolution time in water at 80 degrees is about 30 minutes. It also dissolves in cold water. Time can be longer. The filament is based on a modified raw material with reduced moisture absorption. FSM can be used as a support material for materials such as ABS, Nylon, PLA and PET-G

Smooth ABS

ABS – is a petrochemical copolymer. Acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene next to PLA is the most popular material in FDM technology. Thanks to the most sophisticated raw materials and qualified engineering team, the 3D printing filament – Smooth ABS – when appropriate printing parameters are applied, guarantees repeatibility and high esthetics of the elements. Produced by PrintME ABS is characterized by high flow rate, low shrinkage factor, high mechanical resistance and resilience. Perfect performance, resistance to scratches, wide temperature spectre (from -40⁰ C to 90⁰ C) make Smooth ABS material that may be applied in multiple fields of industry. Smooth ABS is suitable for the production of all kinds of cases, equipment bodies, elements of bodyworks, indoor car accessories, toys, profiles and prototypes, and anything else you may think of. It is available in wide color selection. In order to reduce the so-called material shrinkage we recommend printing in the closed chamber with the heated table.

Swift PET-G

Modified by poli-glycol (ethylene terapthalate) – is an amorphical thermoplastic copolyesters characterized by exquisite resistance and optical properties. Its significant advantage is that it may be used in contact with food and cosmetics.

Filament SWIFT PET-G is dedicated mostly to people who professionally deal with FDM technology print-outs. It is more elastic and softer than PLA or ABS. It has very low shrinkage factor and therefore it is suitable for large-sized print-outs. When printing parameters are appropriately selected, printing layers bond perfectly and this gurantees the best printing quality and leaves you satisifed. Swift PET-G has high chemical resistance to acids , alkalis and water. Printing process is free of unpleasant odours so printing with PET-G is very nice! Furthermore, an adequate temperature profile allows for the so-called tossing-free print, which is a considerable advantage as for PET-G.

EcoLine PLA

The filament of Ecoline PLA series has been developed for freshmen users of FDM technology. Thanks to a low shrinkage factor the filament produced  by us does not need a heated table. Only original raw materials are used to produce the filament and we use the same printing substrates for colorants as well as the raw material. Even though this is an Eco product line it guarantees high-quality prints that will surely meet your expectations! It is a filament for home use, however the prints are characterized by repeatability and exquisite quality even for detailed models. The universal nature of our filaments allows to use them in any 3D printer that applies FDM technology.

Advanced MATT PLA

The new material, made by Print-Me based on PLA – Advanced Matt PLA is an excellent choice for everyone who expects a perfect surface of the print. Advanced Matt has a significantly reduced visibility of the layers in comparison with the traditional PLA, that is why it gives the printed parts an elegance. Deep matt surface will give your prints a lot of grandeur.

This is a professional filament dedicated to various types of models. Filament made of the specially wrought material, exceeding by it’s matt effect all of the “matte” materials available on the market.

Advanced Matt PLA has increased resistance to tearing and bending in relation to ordinary PLA. It’s additional advantage is simplicity of printing. Always prints very easily, like any good quality PLA materials. No shrinkage and curl provides excellent dimensional stability of models and adhesion to the substrate. Advanced Matt PLA guarantees always excellent prints with increased mechanical resistance. Material is ideal for everyone, regardless of the level of experience.

Lucent PLA

Do you need to make prints with high transparency? Do not like to print PTE-G, but you appreciate its increased durability compared to the standard PLA? This is the material for you! Lucent PLA from Print-Me is a PLA-based material with high transparency and increased strength, comparable to PET-G. The material combines the advantages of PLA and PET-G – durable and transparent as PET, easy and pleasant to print like PLA.

Carbon Fiber Nylon PA12

Polyamide PA12 – NYLON – is a construction material ideal for applications in the automotive, electrical, electronic and sports industries. It is an ideal material for the production of industrial details such as sleeves, bearings, screws, gears because it is characterized by high resistance to abrasion and high impact strength. It has insulating properties and chemical resistance to lubricants and oils. Moreover, it has the lowest hygroscopicity of the available polyamides. The Carbon Fiber PA12 additionally from Print-Me has been reinforced with carbon fiber with a content of up to 30%. Thanks to this, your prints will be even more durable and the shrinkage of the material has been reduced to 0.4%, thanks to which the print is comparable to ordinary ABS.

Metal PLA

We invite you soon to the premiere of a new PLA filament with metal powder!


We invite you soon to the premiere of the new filament PETG ESD, with anti-static properties!


We invite you soon to the premiere of a new filament PET-G with iron. Your print will be attracted by a magnet!


We invite you soon to the premiere of the new filament ABS ESD, with anti-static properties!


We invite you soon for the premiere of a new TPU filament with conductive properties.

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